Sale Terms and Pricing

We will only sell goats to someone who currently has goats or is purchasing at least two. Read on for pricing and sale terms.


The pricing of the kid is based upon the dam and sire’s accolades and genetics. For example, if the dam of a kid won her first Grand Champion, had won two reserve champions, and the sire had a *B, the doe kid would be $600.

  • Wether price: $225
  • Base Price for does: $450
  • First Grand Champion Win +$50, additional legs are +$100
  • Bred to *B Buck +$50 
  • LA Score V88 and above +$50
  • Reserve Champion win +$25
  • If we feel that the using the above pricing method is not adequate enough for the kid, we will make adjustments. For example, consistently placing first at shows, littermate siblings that are finished champions, etc.

Sales Agreement & Terms


In order to place a reservation on a doe or buck kid from a certain pairing, you must pay a non-refundable $25 deposit (per kid). For adult goats and already born kids, the deposit is $100. This cannot be refunded unless the reservation is not fulfilled. The remainder can be paid at pick-up/delivery.

To make a reservation: After contacting us, use this PayPal link you can send us your reservation fees. Please add in the “note” section your preferred pairing. If multiple reservations are being placed at once please also note that.

When placing a reservation, you can request a back-up pairing in case the desired kid is unborn, retained, or goes to someone on the list before you.

If the reservation is not fufilled this year, then you can ask to move the reservation to the next year, we can refund you, or you can ask to switch pairings. However, reservation refunds are NOT issued if you back out of a reservation.

We reserve the right to refuse any sale, at any time, for any reason.

You can also be placed on a kid waitlist for free of charge. Once all reservations for this year have been fufilled then we will notify you of any available kids.

When purchasing a goat from Smiling Goat Farm, you agree that we have the right of first refusal, at the original or fair price should you sell the goat at a later time.

Unless you place a deposit on a goat, that goat is STILL for sale and will be advertised as such. We would rather not ‘hold’ goats if the buyer is unsure- it can get complicated. To make things easier, please send us a deposit so we can be sure : )

At the time of sale, we will arrange a date with you to come pick up the goat(s), within a week or two of weaning. If you need your goat to stay with us beyond the pick up date, a boarding fee of $2/day per goat will be applied.

We reserve the right to retain a kid from any breeding.

  • All kids come disbudded and vaccinated with the CDT vaccine.
  • All doe and in-tact buck kids come tattoooed
  • Transportation is at the buyer’s expense
  • Once an animal is sold, it cannot be returned to our property unless we want the animal back.
  • Once an animal is sold we cannot guarantee the future health, growth, production, and quality. We only sell healthy animals, once they have left our property it is no longer our responsibility.