Herbal Goat Wormer

We use herbal remedies, not chemical treatments, whenever possible, to take a more holistic approach to goat health and well-being.

Worming your goats preventatively

We chose to use an herbal worm formula rather than the typical medicine. Should a goat come down with a severe case of internal parasites, we would use Ivermectin.

We use Molly’s Herbals for our wormer. Also on Molly’s website are some other great natural remedies to various goat ailments. Here are the benefits to using the herbal worm formula (from Molly’s website):

Molly’s Herbals Worm Formulas:
The original two part system, works holistically in multiple ways.

  • By expelling live worms: the worms hate being around the herb so much they would rather leave the host than be around the herb.  Because of this, you may see worms in the animal’s poops after they have been wormed.
  • By killing and expelling the parasites.
  • By helping the animal build a stronger immune system so they can more easily fight an infestation.
  • Working as a preventive: By helping the animal build a stronger immune system so that they can resist the parasite and thus not become infected in the first place.  Healthy animals are much less likely to get infected than unhealthy ones. 
  • There has been no evidence to show that worms build up resistance to this herbal system like they can do with Chemical and Drug wormers.
  • Molly’s Herbals Worm Formula is a two part system and, when used as recommended, is safe to administer to pregnant and lactating animals.

All of our kids that you purchase from us are wormed preventatively using the weekly herbal system.

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