Farm Update: Selenium and CDT Time

Today we gave all of our does selenium and vitamin E gel. One month out before kidding, they should get a dose of this, and routinely get it every thirty days. We use the durvet multi dose tube (see photo) and we get it from the local feed store. Each doe gets a dose of 4cc. Kids/newborn kids get 2cc. 

We’re also wrapping up giving the CDT vaccine to the five pregnant ones. They get it a month out from due date. See the CDT post for more information on administering the shot. 

The pregnant does have also been getting pregnancy herbs, a mixture of herbs beneficial to pregnancy. We are beginning lead feeding in the evening. 

Baby bumps are getting big here. We’re excited to see our first kids on the ground around April 16th. Follow our facebook page to stay updated on kiddings, available kids, etc. We usually put avaiable kids on there first before we do on our website.

If you have reservations, watch for an email from us announcing the arrival of kids!

And more good news, our first Oberhasli is finally registered after months of waiting. Be sure to check out her page. We will hopefully have our first Oberhasli kids in Spring 2024.

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