Getting Ready for Kidding Season

Below, I’m going to share with you a few things that we’re doing here on our farm to get ready for kidding.

Kidding Stalls We just completed our all new kidding stalls in our kidding barn.

Lead Feeding Fern is now on the twice a day schedule, and Snow and Willow will be as well in just a few more days. We are officially 2 weeks away from kidding. When the does are about a month away, I get them on a lead feeding schedule.

CDT Shots and Oral Selenium While we gave most of our does these medications a while ago, I thought I would still include them here. It’s important that when your does are a month away from their due date, they need to be given the CDT vaccine and 4-5 cc of oral selenium gel.

Getting out the kidding box Make sure all your neccesary kidding supplies are neatly stowed away in a box (a rubbermaid tub works), near your kidding pens.

Giving your does a dairy clip A dairy clip is a quick shave around her back legs, udder, and tail, so that way you can keep some of the afterbirth from sticking onto the long hair back there. Using a 10 blade, it’s super easy to do. We usually do this about one or two weeks from their due date.

Four weeks awayThree weeks awayTwo weeks awayOne week away
1/4 cup of grain1/2 cup of grain1 cup of grain1 1/4 cup of grain
1/4 of alfalfa pellets1/2 cup of alfalfa pellets3/4 cup of alfalfa pellets3/4 cup of alfalfa pellets
Pinch of zinproPinch of zinproPinch of zinproPinch of zinpro
Once a dayOnce a dayTwice a dayOnce a day
Lead feeding schedule

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