Reference Does

Gaelic Roots BW Rhiannon ++V+ 82, 2*M

We were offered a lease on Annie in the fall of 2019. After accepting the lease, Annie was bred to the buck of our choice, SG Castle Rock Penny Dreadful, *B, Elite Buck (2020). Annie came here in January 2020 and took her place at our farm as the herd queen. In May, she freshened and gave us two does and a buck! We were delighted to have two doe kids (these ended up being our only doe kids from 2020). After much consideration, we decided to keep one of the does. This was a decision we did not regret – the lucky girl, Irish Willow, ended up placing 1st and 2nd in a large class of 42 dry yearlings at her first show the following year. And at a seperate show that year, she earned her first leg and a reserve. Willow is a lovely girl that keeps looking better as she matures into a milking doe.

Annie went back to her previous owners in Fall 2020, and has since then has moved on, but her great personality and beautiful qualities are still reflected in her daughter that we have, Willow.

Gaelic Roots PD Snowberry VVEV 87

Snow will be missed around here! She has so many beautiful qualities, but we had to make some very hard decisions as to who we would be keeping. Snow will be well loved and cared for by her new owner, Jen. We have her paternal sister, Willow, and her daughter, Daisy, in our herd.