2022 Kiddings

Reservations are open on all pairings. Reservations are $25 each for an unborn kid. Once the kid is born, we ask for a 50% deposit on the kid. Smiling Goat Farm reserves the right to retain any kid. We get first choice of kids before any reservations. Refunds are not issued if you decide not to purchase one of our kids. Thank you for your understanding. If you need the kid to stay longer than the arranged pick up date, we ask for a boarding fee of $2/per day.

Kid Pricing: If we feel that the below pricing is not adequate, price of kid may change.

  • Base Price: $400
  • First Grand Champion Win +$50, additional legs are +$100
  • Bred to *B Buck +$50
  • LA Score V88 and above +$50
  • Reserve Champion win +$25
  • Wether price: $250

Highland Ranch AD Cascade Fern + Highland Ranch PD Vegas Prize *B

If you’re looking for some quality genetics at a great price to add to your herd, consider reserving a kid from Fern! Fern’s littermate sister placed 5th and 7th at Nationals and is a finished champion at 2yrs old. Fern’s daughter Maidenhair placed first or second at every show this year, and May finished it off with a bang by getting a reserve champion as an intermediate kid at Evergreen Fair. Vegas put some stunning kids on the ground this year, most of them either earning a Reserve or a Grand as junior does.

Kidded 3/16 – Five bucks – all sold

Gaelic Roots PD Snowberry + Wolfivan Pappy Van Winkle *B

This pairing will put strong milking genetics on the ground. Snow as a second freshener milked out 2.5 lbs in a morning milking – and this was not even in her peak season. She also won Best Udder of Breed and 2 Reserve champions this past summer as a 3yr old 2nd Freshener. Van is an impressive buck, his dam earned a VEEE91 as a 4 year old, is a finished champion and has won multiple awards for her milk production (2017 Platinum JUJU Award, AR Milk Star, Superior Genetics).


*Photo of Van c/o Little RedHouse Farm*

Kidded 3/21 with 2 does/1 buck

Available Kids: All sold

Gaelic Roots PD Irish Willow + Redstone Warlock Raynman *B ~

Willow is a beautiful doe with so much going for her. We’re very excited to see her freshen, her pre-fresh udder is just getting prettier as she gets closer to her due date. Willow earned a Grand and a Reserve this past year as a dry yearling. We bred her to a stunning buck, Raynman, that comes from Redstone’s Dark Star genetics. Her kids this year will be the first sired by this handsome buck.


*Photo of Ray c/o Little RedHouse Farm*

Kidded 3/20 with 1 buck/1 doe

Available kids:

All Kids SOLD

Rough Diamond JJ Morgan Le Fay + IlenesRascals Teach Me Somethin’ – Due May 1st – Ultrasounded with 2+

We’re excited to see what this pairing puts on the ground! Teach comes from Old Mountain Farm and Agape’s Prize genetics that we’re thrilled to incorporate into our herd. Fay is a stunning doe that placed first in nearly every ring last year as a yearling milker. She has a beautiful udder, and we’re looking forward to her second freshening.

Price TBD

Two doe kids, born May 2nd

*Photo of Teach c/o Highland Ranch*

Doe Retained and one Doe Sold