Breeding Schedule

Tenative fall 2022 breedings. These pairings are not final until the doe is settled.

Please see Sale Policies and Pricing >> for information on reservations and pricing.

Highland Ranch AD Cascade Fern + HetlandCreek ZZ Shooting Star *B

Due: Mid to Late Spring 2023

Planned pedigree

  • Reservations:
  • Doe: $550

Rough Diamond JJ Morgan Le Fay + TBD

Due: Early Spring 2023 ~ Blue Eyes Possible

Gaelic Roots PD Irish Willow + Ilene’s Rascals TeachMeSomethin’

Due: Late Winter/Early Spring 2023 ~ Moonspots Possible

Willow is a beautiful doe that has really shown us a lot in her first freshening year. She had a beautiful, productive mammary, smooth blending in general appearance, and is a extremely long bodied doe. We’ve really liked what Teach has put on the ground, including our doe kid Smiling Goat Farm Spelling Bee.

Photo of Teach courtesy Highland Ranch

  • Reservations:
  • Doe: $600
  • Doe Retained

Smiling Goat Farm Maidenhair + TUA Farms Dr Redfield

Due Spring 2023

  • Reservations:
  • Doe: $575

Smiling Goat Farm Oopsie Daisy + Highland Ranch PD Vegas Prize

Polled Possible

Doe retained

  • Reservations:
  • Doe: $500
  • Doe Retained

Dry for 2023