Show Results SWWDGA 2022

DoeRing 1 / NorcrossRing 2 / CoxRing 3 / BiceRing 4 / Clarke – RupchisNotes
Fern7/20ish4/20ish7/20ishOverheight in ring 3
Willow7/224/22Reserve GCH2/22

Herbal Goat Wormer

We use herbal remedies, not chemical treatments, whenever possible, to take a more holistic approach to goat health and well-being.

Worming your goats preventatively

We chose to use an herbal worm formula rather than the typical medicine. Should a goat come down with a severe case of internal parasites, we would use Ivermectin.

We use Molly’s Herbals for our wormer. Also on Molly’s website are some other great natural remedies to various goat ailments. Here are the benefits to using the herbal worm formula (from Molly’s website):

Molly’s Herbals Worm Formulas:
The original two part system, works holistically in multiple ways.

  • By expelling live worms: the worms hate being around the herb so much they would rather leave the host than be around the herb.  Because of this, you may see worms in the animal’s poops after they have been wormed.
  • By killing and expelling the parasites.
  • By helping the animal build a stronger immune system so they can more easily fight an infestation.
  • Working as a preventive: By helping the animal build a stronger immune system so that they can resist the parasite and thus not become infected in the first place.  Healthy animals are much less likely to get infected than unhealthy ones. 
  • There has been no evidence to show that worms build up resistance to this herbal system like they can do with Chemical and Drug wormers.
  • Molly’s Herbals Worm Formula is a two part system and, when used as recommended, is safe to administer to pregnant and lactating animals.

All of our kids that you purchase from us are wormed preventatively using the weekly herbal system.

Bottle Feeding

Bottle Feeding Schedule
Agetimes per dayAmount per feeding
1-3 days51-2 ounces
3-14 days42-4 ounces
2 weeks-3 months3-46 ounces (4x, day) 8 ounces(3x, day)
3-4 months210 ounces
4 months112 ounces

Above is our bottle feeding schedule we use. We like to slowly transition the kids onto the bottle around 3-4 weeks, that way they have a healthy start (being dam-raised) and they get the extra milk when they need it (when we transition them to bottles). However, you can pull them from the dam at birth and bottle feed them from the very start (we have done this before if the dam rejects them or they need the extra attention)

Things to consider before getting goats

  • Keep in mind you must have at least one other goat, or are purchasing a pair from us. Goats are herd animals and need to have a ‘buddy.’
  • Just wanting to get some pets? We reccomend purchasing two (or three) castrated males (wethers). They are very loving, much less expensive than does (our doe kids are priced starting at $400) and are a great addition to a small hobby farm.
  • Make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable source, so check and make sure that the herd you’re purchasing from is disease tested annually. Goats can carry diseases that affect them in the future.
  • Head to this page on our website if you’ve already gotten goats and are looking for a complete list of maintenance tips!


DOB 3.21.22 // “Nottie” // Available Doe Kid

Dam: Gaelic Roots PD Snowberry (2 x Reserve Champion, 1x Best Udder of Breed, VVEV 87)

Sire: Wolfivan Pappy Van Winkle *B

This little doeling comes from strong milk production lines. Her dam, Gaelic Roots PD Snowberry, milks over 5 lbs per day. Snowberry has tremendous body capacity, and has a beautiful udder. Nottie’s sire, Wolfivan Pappy Van Winkle, is out of SGCH Joyful Hearts KR Phoebe 2*M, VEEE91, who became a finished champion at age 2. Van’s sire is Agape’s Prize Sulaymaan Quinn *B. He was the father of the 1st place Junior Get of Sire at 2019 Nationals.

Nottie will be available for picking up when she is 10 weeks old, on May 30th.

Dam Gaelic Roots PD Snowberry
Snow’s 2nd Freshening Udder
Sire Wolfivan Pappy Van Winkle
Sire Wolfivan Pappy Van Winkle

Meet the Retained Kids of 2022

Smiling Goat Farm RM Irish Rose

Rose is the first doe kid of 2022. She is the first doe out of Redstone Warlock Raynman and we’re excited to see what these new genetics will do in our herd. Her dam, Gaelic Roots PD Irish Willow, is a beautiful doe with a great mammary system for a first freshener.

D: Gaelic Roots PD Irish Willow

S: Redstone Warlock Raynman

Smiling Goat Farm Oopsie Daisy

We are so excited for little Daisy! She comes from strong milking genetics, and she has a high, wide escutcheon and rear arch. We’re looking forward to seeing what she’ll do in the show ring.

D: Gaelic Roots PD Snowberry

S: Wolfivan Pappy Van Winkle * B

Giving the CDT Shot

We give our does their annual CDT vaccine one month before kidding. A few days ago was Fay’s turn.

The shot is to be administered subcutaneously, in the general area as outlined by the yellow circle.
Cleaning the area with isopropyl alchohol, before the shot.
2ccs of this, with a 20 gauge needle. We like to use the luer lock syringes.
Pull up a tent of skin… and insert the needle with the open part of the tip facing you.

After you’ve finished, pull the needle out and rub the area where you inserted the needle, so there isn’t a lump from poking her.